Turning 65? Get Ready for Medicare!

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If you are a US citizen age 65 or older and need medical insurance, congratulations! You are eligible to enroll in Medicare. Medicare is separate from your Social Security application for income benefits. You age into Medicare at 65, regardless of whether you are taking your retirement income benefits yet. However, don’t expect Medicare to notify you when it’s time to sign up. You need to be mindful of the appropriate [...]

Do I Need Medicare if I am a Veteran?

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First and foremost, we would like to take  a moment to thank our veterans and their loved ones. Your selfless act of bravery does not go unnoticed and we are forever in awe and thanks of your dedication to your country and its citizens. Thank you. In honor of Veterans Day, did you know that you can have both Medicare and Veterans benefits? That’s right! The only catch is they [...]

Do All Doctors Take Medicare?

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Finding a good doctor can be challenging. Many people change doctors over the years until they find one they trust, feel comfortable and confident with. So it’s no surprise that when we start to age into Medicare, we wonder – and worry – if our beloved doctor will accept Medicare. The truth is, not all doctors do accept Medicare for the patients they see. This can be problematic as it [...]

Does Medicare Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

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Health is wealth. If you are turning 65 and are still healthy, count your blessing! The National Health Council estimates that 133 Americans have a chronic illness, more than 40% of the population. This number is only estimated to grow. So what happens when you are reaching Medicare age and need coverage? Can you obtain Medicare if you have pre-existing conditions? Original Medicare covers all pre-existing conditions if you sign [...]

What Happens if I Need a Doctor While Traveling?

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To many, retirement means freedom. Being able to wake up and do as you please all day, without the responsibility of work. Many older Americans use this time to travel, checking off places and things on their bucket list. If you plan to become a jetsetter upon retirement, you should check whether your health insurance coverage travels with you. When you travel, your coverage will depend on where you travel [...]

Medicare Advantage or Medicare Original?

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There are so many options for Medicare these days. Outside of Original Medicare, Parts A and B, beneficiaries can opt for a Medicare Advantage plan which can offer additional, and impressive, benefits. Which Medicare plan is best for you? Cost is a major deciding factor on most purchases in life, and Medicare plans are no exception. In addition to your premiums, you should also factor in things like deductibles, coinsurance, [...]

3 Common Medicare Myths

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We’ve helped find the right Medicare benefits for thousands of people all over the United States. We have learned that there are 3 common, yet untrue, beliefs about Medicare. Recognizing that these must be something a lot MORE people also believe, we wanted to share these 3 simple truths! Common Misbelief #1: Once I choose a Medicare plan, I’m stuck with it forever Fortunately, this is not at all true! [...]

4 Things Medicare Doesn’t Cover

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Medicare can cover a lot of needs as you age. Even still, sometimes it gets a bad rap because of what it doesn’t cover. Because these are needs many of us have, or will have, as we age, it’s important to know what Medicare won’t cover. Here are 4 things to keep in mind: Hearing Aids It’s estimated that nearly two-thirds of people over the age of 70 are affected [...]

Does Medicare Cover Eye Exams?

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As we age, our vision changes. And unfortunately, it’s usually not in the good way. It’s common that the older we get, the more likely we are to need eye care, and/or eye wear. Many individuals think these regular, annual exams would be covered under Original Medicare. This is not the case as not all plans, or areas of coverage, are the same. This is why it is very important [...]

Who Qualifies for Medicare?

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Generally, Medicare is available for people age 65 or older, younger people with disabilities and people with End Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplant). You are eligible for Medicare if you are a citizen of the United States or have been a legal resident for at least 5 years and: You are age 65 or older and you or your spouse has worked for at least 10 years [...]

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