Don’t Delay on Medicare Part B

Ahh, Medicare. Its complexity is what makes it so wonderful and yet so, well, confusing. Today, we hope to help break down any confusion around Medicare Part B. A large majority of folks wait around for a letter to tell them if they need to sign up. We hate to be the ones to break this to you but, there is no letter. So will you be automatically enrolled? Or [...]

Do I need Medicare if I am a Veteran?

First and foremost, we would like to take  a moment to thank our veterans and their loved ones. Your selfless act of bravery does not go unnoticed and we are forever in awe and thanks of your dedication to your country and its citizens. Thank you. In honor of Veterans Day, did you know that you can have both Medicare and Veterans benefits? That’s right! The only catch is they [...]

What is Medicare Part B?

There are four parts of Medicare. In general: Part A = inpatient hospital coverage Part B = outpatient medical coverage Part C = an alternative benefit form to Original Medicare that offers extra benefits Part D = prescription drug coverage Today, we will be looking further into Medicare Part B. What does Medicare Part B cover? Medicare Part B coverage provides you access to outpatient medical services. Part B covers preventive care [...]

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