Qualifying for Medicare Under the Age of 65

Many people think they are only eligible for Medicare when they turn 65, but there are many people who are entitled to receive benefits, under the age of 65, who don’t know they already qualify.

That’s right, important benefits such as:

  • Premiums starting at $0 per month
  • Coverage for copays and deductibles
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • And transportation to the doctor and pharmacy

What Benefits Are Available?

One way to know if you qualify for these benefits – and many others – is to take our quiz.

This will ask a few questions to give you an idea of whether or not you are missing out on benefits you are eligible for.

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You also qualify if you meet these conditions

Additionally, you qualify for full Medicare benefits under the age of 65 if:

  • You’ve been entitled to Social Security disability benefits for at least 24 months
  • You receive a disability pension from the Railroad Retirement Board and meet certain conditions
  • You have Lou Gehrig’s disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS). You qualify for Medicare the month you become entitled to Social Security disability benefits, there is no waiting period
  • You have permanent kidney failure requiring regular dialysis or a kidney transplant — and you or your spouse has paid Social Security taxes for a specified length of time depending on your age
  • You have a severe illness, injury or disability that prevents you from earning more than a certain amount of money each month and you’ve been approved for Social Security disability benefits for a total of at least 24 months, which don’t have to be consecutive.

How do people with disabilities enroll in Medicare?

People who qualify for Social Security Disability benefits should receive a Medicare card in the mail when the required time period has passed. If this does not happen or other questions arise, contact the local Social Security office.

If it seems that Medicare enrollment or coverage has been unfairly denied, ask the individual’s doctor to help.

You or a loved one may qualify for benefits you aren’t receiving. Don’t wait, take our questionnaire to see if you qualify.

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