Medicare Lead Quality

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Purchasing leads for Medicare can be a time-consuming waste of money or an oasis of opportunity at scale. The buyer needs to be aware of the difference between high-quality, high-intent leads, and low-quality, low-intent leads. The Source of the Leads High-quality leads can come from many different sources: Organic or paid search Paid social media Paid digital media TV Direct Mail These are all examples of places to acquire [...]

Let’s Build a Partnership

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Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) for 2022 is shaping up to be just as busy as ever. The compliance and regulatory considerations for Medicare are ever-changing and, as the scope continues to grow, agencies need to widen their coverage of these updates in order to be ready. As AEP begins (on October 15th), Medicare recipients are able to go over their plans, the options available to them, and then make [...]

Scaling Your Medicare Agency

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As an entrepreneur you’re looking to scale your Medicare insurance agency quickly - but it’s not easy. The problem is not a lack of commitment; you are ready, willing, and able. You are building a team and you are adding agents. It takes more than a founder to build a successful business. Founders may have expertise, but growth definitely requires that you constantly expand your skills - or at least [...]

Reduce Churn with Warmer Leads

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As you focus on growing your Medicare agency, there are many obstacles to consider. One of the biggest worries of any business is turnover in the customer base, or what is commonly referred to as churn. It’s difficult to gauge success if you aren’t paying attention to the failures along the way. Sure, you’d all like to retain every customer your agency comes across, but that’s unrealistic. Simply put, when [...]

Creating Conversions Through Conversations

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Here at Medicare Express - Powered by 100Insure our tactics reach potential clients at every stage in their journey. To be successful in this day and age, we have adapted our mindset from selling to helping. We have perfected this process by becoming intimately familiar with the customer along their path to purchase. Learning about their needs gives us the edge in the quality of each lead and helps us [...]

Quality Customer Acquisition, Where The Consumer Always Comes First

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Establishing and growing your Medicare insurance agency is incredibly difficult. Whether it’s the carriers, getting the right agents, installing systems, or sourcing software, the obstacles can seem never-ending. Typically, the biggest challenge to scaling your Medicare business is finding effective and dependable lead flow. Where can you turn for quality customer acquisition and how do you know who to trust? The industry is seemingly loaded with fly-by-night lead companies [...]

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