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We’re so glad you’re here. At 100Insure, we help people understand the ins and outs of Medicare. More importantly, we help people just like you discover incredible benefits they are eligible for but not receiving. That’s right! There are millions of Americans right now that don’t realize they could be receiving Medicare benefits.

Some of these amazing benefits like:

  • Premiums starting at $0 per month
  • Coverage for copays and deductibles
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • And transportation to the doctor and pharmacy

We’ve helped others receive benefits such as:

  • Massage services
  • Meals after a hospital
  • Food for their dog
  • A wellness membership
  • Vitamins and groceries
  • Home improvements
  • In home care
  • And pest control services

Our team at 100Insure has helped thousands of people find the right Medicare plan for their needs and budget. Will you be next?

Take our quiz to see if you qualify. Our quiz will show you the benefits you are eligible for right now. Would you want benefits like massages, lower premiums, prescription drugs and much more? Don’t deprive yourself of these incredible benefits. You deserve them! 

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