Can I Save Money on Medicare?

After turning 65, and enrolling into Original Medicare, there is a period of time where you are able to change your plans. Many folks choose to change plans to get more benefits. The biggest reasons we hear for people wanting to change include not having enough benefits for routine vision, hearing or dental. Additionally, people who are traveling internationally are realizing that they don’t have any coverage - even with [...]

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What Happens if I Need a Doctor While Traveling?

To many, retirement means freedom. Being able to wake up and do as you please all day, without the responsibility of work. Many older Americans use this time to travel, checking off places and things on their bucket list. If you plan to become a jetsetter upon retirement, you should check whether your health insurance coverage travels with you. When you travel, your coverage will depend on where you travel [...]

6 tips for retirement planning

Ahh, retirement. Something we look forward to our entire adult life, or at least approximately one month after starting our first real job. We make jokes about it, tell people what we plan to do when we retire, we daydream about (while working), but what can we do to actually plan for it? After all, if we don’t plan or save ahead, there may never be a retirement. To help [...]

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