What Doctors Can I Use On My Medicare Plan?

2022-07-29T20:56:11+00:00Medicare Advantage|

As you begin considering different Medicare Plans, one important factor is finding a doctor near you that accepts Medicare. As you start researching, do your homework! Check with your local clinic, hospital, and doctors to see who accepts Medicare. You can do this at your upcoming appointments, checking with the doctor or front desk. Why should I see a doctor that accepts Medicare? Choosing a doctor that accepts Medicare will [...]

What is Medicare Part C?

2020-08-04T23:43:51+00:00Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part C|

There are four parts of Medicare. In general: Inpatient hospital coverage = Medicare Part A Outpatient medical coverage = Medicare Part B  Alternative benefit form to Original Medicare that offers extra benefits = Medicare Part C Prescription drug coverage =Medicare Part D Today, we will be looking further into Medicare Part C. Medicare Part C is also known as Medicare Advantage. It’s an alternative benefit to Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage [...]

Comparing Original Medicare and Advantage Options

2020-05-26T15:43:36+00:00Medicare Advantage, Original Medicare|

When enrolling for Medicare, we are all faced with two options: Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan. Which should you elect? This blog will compare the two plans to help you make a decision. In some ways, the plans are very similar, but they each have their unique benefits. In short, Original is the traditional program offered directly through the federal government. Advantage are the private plans that [...]

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