Over 9 million Americans under 65 are unable to work due to a disability, leading to unnecessary financial hardships.

Meanwhile, there’s a little-known government solution that can actually decrease your financial stress… giving you additional healthcare and lifestyle benefits… and this solution costs you no additional money!

Does this sound familiar?

24 months after you first received the Social Security Disability Insurance payments…

…the safety net you fought so hard to get…

..your healthcare was flipped over to original Medicare, with its $144 monthly premiums and expensive deductibles.

That one-two punch —limited income and a new monthly premium— put an immediate pressure on your personal finances.

And The Pressure Has Never Let Up.

If you’re feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, you’re not alone.

After all, the system has always been rigged in favor of the rich.

Now, the number of Americans under 65 unable to work due to a health condition has grown to over 9 million.

As a response to the growing financial difficulties of Americans like you…
…in one of their rare moments of compassion for “the little guy”…

Congress Has Mandated New Programs Specially Designed For Workers With Disabilities.

That’s right — many people on original Medicare aren’t aware that there’s “Another Medicare” available to you, with plans designed around your unique medical needs.

These little-known plans are called Medicare Advantage, and they start as low as a $0 deductible, $0 copay.

Some Medicare Advantage participants save hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs every month with the $0 deductible alone!

And these plans offer even more incredible benefits not available with original Medicare.

  • Vision care, eye exams, and new glasses
  • Dental work and dentures
  • Quarterly allowances to buy necessities at your local pharmacy, such as vitamins, toiletries, and even food, saving you money on the essentials.

And that’s not all you can get from a Medicare Advantage plan.

In fact, many plans also include…

  • In-home personal aides to help with your medical care when you’re unable to help yourself!
  • Hot, home-delivered meals carried right to your doorstep, keeping you healthy!
  • Transportation to and from your medical appointments. You no longer have to work around your family or friends’ schedules — your rides are completely covered by the plan!
  • Doctor and nurse appointments by telephone, reducing your office visits and speeding up your healthcare!
  • In-home massages… hearing aids… and more!

Those are just a selection of the benefits available today through a Medicare Advantage plan…

…all available at no additional cost to qualified participants!

“I felt like I had no options!”

Mary L. in Chicago was unable to work due to a lower back injury.

Mary told us,

“On the best days, the pain makes walking difficult as the pain radiates down my leg.

“The worst days? The pain becomes so intense I must stay on ice… in bed!

“I couldn’t work and my savings account was shrinking!

“I felt like I had no options!

“That’s when I learned about Medicare Advantage.

“The care I’ve received is outstanding, my expenses have dropped, and I’m finally getting the treatment I need.

“My Medicare Advantage plan saved my life and my family.”

Who Qualifies For These Incredible Healthcare Plans?

As an American under 65 with a health condition that prevents you from working, you may be eligible for one of these $0 deductible healthcare plans.

But the process of finding the right plan can be difficult.

Just like any government program, there are a lot of rules around Medicare Advantage eligibility, including your medical status and even where you live.

That’s why we work hard to make your Medicare Advantage plan selection worry-free.

Join more than 200,000 men and women that have determined their eligibility by taking this short quiz.

When you qualify, a licensed Medicare agent will contact you to present a high-benefit Medicare Advantage plan, with plans starting at $0 a month… often designed specifically for people with your medical condition.

There’s no reason to wait. Get the Medicare benefits you deserve at no additional cost.